Adding additional Convenors

A competition has one owner, but can have multiple Convenors with access to manage the competition. This is especially useful for cases such as co-Convenors, where you want to give your Treasurer access to reconcile payments or provide access to a Convenor to download the competitor music.

To begin with, the competition owner will need to add the additional Convenor(s) but after that, any Convenor can manage the access of other Convenors.

Adding Convenors

You can add additional Convenors to help manage your competition from the "Manage Permissions" section in the "Manage Competition" page.

Simply click on the "Competition Permissions" button to see the following screen and add (or remove) additional Convenors.

Edit Competition Permissions page show two convenors
Edit competition permissions to add additional convenors

In the text area, enter or paste the email address(es) of the additional Convenors you'd like to have access your competition. When entering more that one, please separate each email address with a comma, space or a new line.

When you have entered the convenors email address(es), click the "Send invites" button to send them an invitation email. If the convenor already has a Red Fridge Door account (e.g. is already a Convenor of another competition) then they'll get an email informing them they now have access to your competition. If the convenor is new to Red Fridge Door then they will get an invitation to register for a new account.

Please note: Convenors will have access to all the information and competitor registrations in your competition.

Managing Convenors

The Convenors for your competition are displayed in the table and from here you can manage their access.

You can resend an invite to a Convenor who hasn't yet registered for their account and you can remove a Convenor's access to your competition.

Note that you cannot perform any actions on your own account.

To Resend an invite:

  • Invites can only be sent to convenors who have not registered. These are easily identifiable as they will not have a CONVENOR NAME listed
  • Click on the ... menu for the invited Convenor
  • Select the "Resend invite" menu item

To Remove a Convenor:

  • You can remove a Convenor who has not yet registered as well as a Convenor who is registered
  • Click on the ... menu for the Convenor you want to remove
  • Select the "Remove" menu item

Competition Convenors can manage the access of other Convenors but they cannot manage the access of the competition owner.

List of Convenors for your competition

Convenor Access

Convenors that you give access to your competition have very similar access to you as the competition owner. Competition Convenors cannot complete the following tasks:

  • Create a new competition
  • Clone an existing competition
  • Remove the competition owner

These tasks can only be done by a competition owner.

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