Step 5: Adding Classes

Adding Classes

Creating a new Class requires a Class number, Name, a Discipline, and an Age Group.Optionally you can attach a Class to a Scholarship,ask for an Item name on registration and assign Trophies to the Class.

The Class details will generally come directly from your Syllabus.  Setup each Class with the same details as listed in your Syllabus.

Note that a Class must belong to a Discipline, if you’ve only setup one Discipline for your competition then each of your classes will belong to that Discipline. If you have multiple Disciplines then chose from the drop down selector which Discipline is relevant for the Class you are setting up.

If this Class is part of a Scholarship then select that Scholarship from the drop down selector. Scholarships are optional so leave this set at “No Scholarship” if this is not required.

If you want to charge for this class then enter your class Fee. If you've set a default class fee on the competition then this field will already be filled out with the default value. You can change that default value if required.

If you require information about the item to be given by the competitor on registration then click the “Ask for Item Name” checkbox. This will add a further text field to the registration for this class requesting the item details from the competitor.

Other options for the further information specific to this class are:

  • Ask for Composer
  • Ask for Accompanist Name
  • Is Duo - during registration the competitor will be asked for the name of the other competitor in the duo
  • Is Trio - during registration the competitor will be asked for the names of the other competitors in the trio
  • Add free text - this allows you to add a custom registration field to the registration for this class
  • Ask for attachments - ask the competitor to provide a file upload for this specific class. See the attachments info below for more information
Creating a competition Class

The Class Age Group is set just as described in the Scholarship section. Choose the relevant age grouping and then fill out the specific age(s) in the text field(s).  E.g.in the screenshot example above, the Age Group is “12 and under 14 years” so we have selected “Age and under age”and entered 12 and 14 in the text boxes.

If you want to include Trophy information in your competition programme then enter the relevant trophy or cup information here.  We separately capture information for Class Trophy/Cup and Local Trophy/Cup. If you have more than one Trophy/Cup just list each in the relevant text field separated by a comma. Any information added here is automatically included in the Class information written into the competition programme generated by Enter.  Leave these fields blank if you don’t want to include Trophy/Cup information alongside the Classes in your programme.

When you have completed adding all the Classes your competition setup is now complete. This is a good time to register a test competitor to ensure that everything is set as you expect. See the Competitor article for information on how to do that.

The Publishing your Competition article provides the information on taking your competition live when you are ready to start accepting entries.


If you select the Ask for attachments checkbox on this class then at the end of the registration process we will ask the competitor to upload a file for this class. At this stage competitors can only upload their files at the end of their completed registration. In an upcoming update to Red Fridge Door competitors will be able to manage their file attachments for classes at any time after registration - more information will be made available when this additional functionality becomes available.

Uploaded files are limited to the following file extensions: .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .doc, .docx, .pdf, .mp3, .mp4, .m4a. Files can be no larger than 15MB in size.

Once a competitor has uploaded a file for the class, you can access and download the file from their Competitor details page.

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