Step 2: Adding Disciplines

Adding Disciplines

The first step after creating your new competition is to add at least one Discipline.

Adding a discipline to your competition
Adding a discipline to your competition

From the drop down competition menu select the Disciplines option. Note that you can also access this from the competition Manage page.

From the Competition Disciplines page, click the “+Add Discipline” button.

Adding a new Discipline form
Creating your new Discipline

Give your Discipline a name and click the “Create Discipline” button.

Repeat these steps for each further Discipline you require in your competition.  When you are complete you’ll end up with a Competition Disciplines list something like the following.

Competition discipline listing
Your competition disciplines

To enable the registration of Troupes or Groups for your competition you will need to add a new specific Troupes Discipline.  Please see the Troupes/Groups section for information on supporting Troupes and Groups.

Return back to your Competition Manage page to continue your setup. Click on the “Back to Competition” button.

Managing your Competition main page

Having setup your competition Disciplines, the next step is to create your competition Scholarships.

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