Step 4: Adding Entry Extras

Adding Entry Extras

The Entry Extras are those administrative additions to your competition entry form. Items such as the Administration fee, Printed Programmes and Donations are created here.

From the Competition Manage page, click the “Manage Extras” button.

On the “Competition Entry Extras” page, click the “+Add Entry Extra” button to add your first Entry Extra.

Adding a new competition Entry Extra

An Entry Extra requires a Code, a Description and a Fee. Optionally you can add some Notes and mark the Extra as Compulsory or a Donation.

The Code is similar to the Class number, it is a unique identifier for this specific Entry Extra. The Code should be between 1 and 4 characters in size (numbers and letters are valid).

The Description is the display name for this Extra and should inform the competitor on what this specific Extra is for.  E.g. Administration fee

The Fee is how much you will be charging for this specific Extra. Enter the dollar value for this here. If the Extra is provided at no cost then you can enter 0 to mark it as free.

Notes gives you a space to provide further descriptive text in relation to the Extra. It is not required so can be left empty.

If you have a specific Entry Extra item that is compulsory for all competitors to pay then check the Compulsory checkbox. This will ensure this Extra is added to every competitor registration and can not be removed by them.

Setting an Entry Extra as a Donation

You can also mark an Extra as a Donation, this allows you to later use the reporting features of Enter to generate a contact list of all those competitors who made a donation during registration so you can send them a receipt.

The Ask for numbers setting allows you to mark an Entry Extra to request specific numbers of the extra during registration. When this option is chosen the registration will request a number of items from the competitor. It is useful when providing options such as backstage passes for troupe members etc.

If you want to stop offering an Entry Extra during the registration process you can simply edit the Extra and check the Ask for numbers? checkbox. This will stop any new registrations from selecting this option while maintaining the history of Extra for previous registrations.

When you have completed the Entry Extra setup, click the“Create Extra” button.

Repeat these steps for each further Entry Extra you require in your competition.  When you have created all your Entry Extras,click the “Back to Competition”button to return to the Competition Manage page.

The final step in setting up your competition is to add your competition Classes.

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