Step 3: Adding Scholarships

Adding Scholarships

If your competition requires that competitors specifically enroll in a scholarship then you’ll set those up here.  Click on the “Manage Scholarships” button.

On the “Competition Scholarships” page, click the “+Add Scholarship” button to add your first Scholarship.

Adding a new competition Scholarship

Each Scholarship requires a Code, a Scholarship Name,Fee and an Age Group.

The Scholarship Code is similar to a Class number, it is a reference to this specific Scholarship.The Code should be between 1 and 4 characters in size (numbers and letters are valid).

The Scholarship Name is the descriptive name for the Scholarship. This will likely come directly from your Syllabus.

The Fee is the amount that you are charging for entry in the Scholarship. This can be set to$0 (free) if you require specific entry to the Scholarship but do not charge.

The Age Group provides options for each of the standard age groupings generally used in competitions. Select the relevant Age Group style then fill out the relevant text box with the specific age (or ages).  E.g. in the screenshot example above the Age Group is “12 and under 14 years” so we have selected “Age and under age” and entered 12 and 14 in the text boxes.

When you have completed the Scholarship setup, click the“Create Scholarship” button.

Repeat these steps for each further Scholarship you require in your competition.  When you have created all your Scholarships,click the “Back to Competition”button to return to the Competition Manage page.

The next step after adding your Scholarships is to add your Entry Extras.

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