Step 1: Create your first competition

Getting Started

From your favourite browser navigate to https://enter.redfridgedoor.com

Click the “LOG IN” link in the top right of the page.  On the resulting login prompt enter the email address and password used for your Red Fridge Door account.

Once logged in you’ll now see a new “COMPETITIONS” link in the header. Click on“COMPETITIONS” to begin your new competition setup.

Create your Competition

If this is your first competition, you’ll see a “Create your first competition!” button in the “Your Competitions” table – click that button to create your new competition.

Your competition requires a Competition Name (e.g. Abernath Competitions Dance 2019) and a short name for the Vanity URL (e.g. abernathdance2019). Note that the Vanity URL can’t contain spaces or other special characters and will be converted to lowercase when saved.

The Vanity URL is used to create the unique URL for your competition registration – you’ll use this link to provide to your competitors.E.g. https://enter.redfridgedoor.com/c/abernathdance2019

The Website and Convenor Email fields are to provide useful contact information to your competitors. They aren’t required but will provide useful information about your competition to your competitors.

The Default Fee is the standard fee that will be applied to all Classes automatically when created. You have the ability to change the fee per class when you create or edit them. This is provided as a convenience for Class creation.

For your competition’s dates, if your competition runs only on one day then you only need to enter a Start Date. If your competition runs over multiple days then you will need to enter both a Start Date and an End Date.

Entries Close takes both the date and time that your entries will close.  Once this date and time is reached the system will automatically close off entries to your competition.

Age at Competition Date is used to calculate the competitors age during the registration process and ensure that they are only presented with those classes that are applicable for their age.

Address details are used on the competition registration landing page to provide useful information to your competitors. If you’d like to show a Google Map of the location on your registration landing page then check the “Show Location Map”checkbox and enter the “Longitude” and “Latitude” of the location (you’ll need to obtain these from Google Maps).

The Competition Declaration provides you with the opportunity to put in any specific information you require your competitors to agree to on entering your competition. Competitors must agree to the competitions terms (in the declaration) to complete their registration.

The Payment Details are where you will put the payment information that you want to provide to your competitors. These details will typically be the instructions for Direct Debit payment. These are displayed to the user at the end of registration and included in the confirmation email that the competitor receives.

The Create Competition page also includes a switch to Publish Competition. This is set to not publish on create and should only be switched to Publish Competition once you have completely setup your competition and are ready to accept online registrations.

Once you’ve filled out all the relevant information click the “Create Competition” button to create your new competition!  Note that your competition will be created in Draft state so is not yet available to your competitors.

Having set up the base information for your competition, the next step is to add your competition Disciplines.

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