Managing Competitors


When Competitors start entering your competition you’ll see them appear in the Competitors page.

Competitors listing page

Once your competition is published then your competitor entries will show in here once they are complete.

Completed competitor registrations will show in the “Enrolled Competitors” list with key information including the name, enrolled date, payment status and registration fee.  You can access further information about each individual competitor via the drop down menu to the right of each competitor details.

You use the Payment Status to track the payments of the competitors. When you reconcile their payments from your bank account you can mark them as Paid within Enter by clicking on the “Confirm payment”button for the relevant competitor.

Note that if you have enabled Stripe payments, the Paid status will be automatically set once the Stripe payment is confirmed during the payment checkout process.

Manually reconciling a registration payment

To confirm their payment simply enter the payment date in the dialog (date shown in your bank transaction) and click the “Confirm Payment” button.  This then marks the competitor as Paid.  If you incorrectly mark a competitor as paid,clicking on the “Paid” button from the Enrolled Competitor listing allows you to remove the payment.

Some competitors abandon their registration without completing, these registrations are tracked for support purposes. Clicking on the “Show incomplete” button above the competitor list will switch to the “Incomplete Enrolments” listing. These competitors had begun their registration but abandoned before completing.  Click the “Show enrolled” button to return to the Enrolled Competitors list.

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