Managing your Competition

Managing your Competition

You can follow the number of registrations for your competition from the header info panel on the competition “Manage” page. This information updates roughly every 10 seconds.

The info panel will allow you to track the number of COMPETITORS and more importantly the number if ITEMS registered for your competition.

The ITEMS count is in the number of individual class entries across all registered competitors.

Early Closing Date

If your competition needs to close early (prior to the originally set closing date/time) then “Edit” your Competition and click the "Close competition now" button next to your competition name.

Edit Competition header with Close competition now button

Closing the competition from here sets the Entries Close date/time to now and updates the competition. Your competition will now be closed and the Entries Closed date on your competition landing page will reflect the new date/time.

Any competitor who has started their registration (but not completed) when you save the new Entries Close date will be allowed to complete their registration based on the competition settings chosen for cut-off.

NOTE: It is important that you do not Unpublish your competition to close it. Unpublishing the competition removes your competition landing page (so late competitors will get an error instead of your competition page) and blocks some of the important post entries closed features.

When entries are closed you still have the ability to manually add new competitors from the competition “Competitors” page.

Click the “+ Add Competitor” button to complete a manual registration for the late registration. The registration process is the same as the competitors complete when the competition was open.

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