Publishing your Competition

Publishing your Competition

When you’ve completed your competition setup and are ready to open for registrations you can Publish your competition.

From the Your Competitions page click the “Edit”link in the drop down menu (or use the “Edit Competition” button from the Competition Manage page).

On the Edit Competition page, click the “Publish Competition” switch (it will turn purple when active) then click the “Save Competition” button on the bottom right of this page.  Once you’ve saved your competition it is now live and open for registrations.

If you need to unpublish your competition for any reason,simply return to the competition Edit page and click on the “Publish Competition” switch again, then”Save Competition” to unpublish.

Once live you can distribute your competition Vanity URL as the link for where your competitors can go to register for the competition.

Congratulations, you’re now live and open for registrations!

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