Supporting file uploads

If your competition requires competitors to upload files (e.g. music, score sheets etc) for their registration then you can enable this functionality for your classes.

It is important to note that uploading files introduces a new Red Fridge Door site for your competitors. The new https://events.redfridgedoor.com initially offers file upload capability, but will expand over time to offer a lot more functionality for your competition after registration.

Requesting files

To request the competitor upload a file for their entry in a class, simply Create or Edit the class and check the "Ask for attachments?" checkbox from the Details section.

You have the option to enter a custom message to display to the competitors when they are requested to upload a file. Enter your message in the "Instructions" field (e.g. "Please add your music for this class"). If you leave the Instructions blank then your competitors will be prompted to upload a file without any further instructions.

You can enable attachments when you first create the class or at any time later by editing the class.

The following file formats are accepted for upload: .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .doc, .docx, .pdf, .mp3, .m4a, .mp4

Uploaded files can be no larger than 15MB.

Uploading files

Competitors can upload their files from two locations:

  1. At the end of their registration process on https://enter.redfridgedoor.com
  2. At any time after registration opens on https://events.redfridgedoor.com

If a competitor has their files ready for upload at the time of registration then they can add them once their registration process is complete. If they don't have their files ready at registration then they can upload them at the new Events site (https://events.redfridgedoor.com) at any time up to the end of your competition.

To use the new Red Fridge Door Events site you should direct your competitors to:


Where {YourVanityUrlName} is specific to your competition and uses the same input you gave when you entered the Vanity URL on your Competition Create/Edit page. In the example and screenshot below the Vanity Url portion is "demo"

e.g. https://events.redfridgedoor.com/demo

While the full URL for your competition registration page includes the /c/ section - please omit this from your Events competition page.

Downloading files

While competitors can upload their files at either https://enter.redfridgedoor.com (during registration) or https://events.redfridgedoor.com (after registration), as a Convenor you can only access the files for download from https://enter.redfridgedoor.com.

When your competitors have successfully uploaded their files you can view and download these from two places:

  1. The class View page
  2. The competitor View page

Downloaded files have filenames that include the following:

  • Class number
  • Competitor name
  • A random name
  • The original file name

e.g.: Class2_Class2-Amelia_White-tvto2g13das-nutcracker_suite.mp3

Including the class name and competitor name in the downloaded filename allows you to match the files easily to your competition programme.

Depending on the length of the original names you may find that the final filename truncates some of the originals to stay within an acceptable filename length.

Download from the Class

To download files for a class simply click into the class View page. From here you'll see the standard Class Enrollments list. Where you class requests competitors upload files you'll see an additional Files column with a link to download the file for that competitor.

Download from the Competitor

To download files for a specific competitor, simply click into the competitor View page. From here you'll see the standard Competitor Registrations section including the classes that the competitor is registered in.

If a class has a file uploaded for it you will see a link to download that file from here. The download link will be the original filename as uploaded by the competitor. Please note that when you download the file, the resulting filename will be a combination of the class, competitor name and filename as described above.

If a registered competitor with files uploaded is removed from the competition their files are removed at that time. If you later re-enroll that competitor they will need to upload their files again.

Important notes

The new Events site (https://events.redfridgedoor.com/) uses the publish state from your competition (Competition Edit page > Publish Competition switch). If you un-publish your competition after registrations close then you will not be able to use https://events.redfridgedoor.com. Your competition must remain published to accept file uploads this way. You can use the "Don't show Competition on home page" option to remove your competition from the https://enter.redfridgedoor.com competitions list if you don't want it to show there.

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