Troupes and Groups

Troupes and Groups

If your competition includes one or more Troupe or Group classes then you can enable specific support for this during registration by creating a new Discipline specifically for Troupes and Groups.  Note that your Troupe and Group classes must be part of this Discipline only, any class outside of this Discipline will be treated as a normal individual competitor registration.

Create a new Discipline in your competition (you can call this anything you like) and select the “Groups Discipline” checkbox.  You can set only one Discipline for Troupe/Group support.

Adding the Groups/Troupes discipline

Enabling “Groups Discipline” on a Discipline will add a new register option for Troupes/Groups to your competition.

Listing of the competition Disciplines

The new Groups Discipline is individually identified in your Competition Discipline listing.

Groups and Classes

Adding Classes to this new Discipline is the same process as adding a class to any Discipline – simply select this from the Discipline drop down when creating or editing the class.

Only classes in the Groups Discipline will be accessible fora Troupes registration and these classes will not show for a normal individual registration.

Groups and Competitors

Once you have created the new Discipline and added some classes you can test the Troupe/Group registration via the “+ Add Troupe” button on the “Manage Competitors” page.

Adding a group/troupe before the competition is published

This will bring you to the starting registration page for Troupes/Groups.

Adding a new group/troupe registration

The Troupe/Group registration requires less information than for an individual competitor (as seen in the screenshot above).  Please note that a Date of Birth is required so that we can continue to select the correct classes for the registration. The Date of Birth is typically that of the oldest member of the group.

Add another group/troupe to your registration

In a Troupe/Group registration confirmation you now have the ability to add a further troupe/group to the registration with the “Add Another” button.  Under the Troupe/Group registration only the first Group registered attracts the Administration fee (see addition of second Troupe in screenshot below).

When all Troupes/Groups are entered the “Complete Registration” button takes you to a final confirmation page summarising troupe/group registrations.

Completing a group/troupe registration

On confirmation of the troupe/group registrations a normal confirmation email will be sent detailing all the troupe/group entries in the registration.

Entries for the individual troupes and groups will appear as individual competitors in the system. This means you’ll see them individually in your Manage Competitors listing and they’ll appear as normal competitors through your programme and score sheets etc.

Note that while troupes and groups from one school are registered in one group, once the registration is complete they will be individual competitors and will need to be reconciled for payment as such.

Competition Landing Page with Troupes/Groups

When you have Troupes and Groups enabled in your competition your Competition registration landing page will now show a second registration option “Enter Troupes & Groups”.

Your normal competitor registrations will be via the “Enter an Individual” and any troupes or group entries via the “Enter Troupes & Groups” option.

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