Using Vouchers in your Competition

Vouchers simply allow you to provide discounts on registration for your competitors. They are an optional feature of your competition and you can create as many vouchers as you require. Vouchers are accessible via the admin menu drop-down for your competition (look for the Vouchers menu item).

To create a new voucher click the "+ Add new voucher" button on the "Competition Vouchers" page.

Enter a voucher Code and the Amount to deduct for this voucher. Leave the Inactive field unchecked at this time - this is only needed once your competition is live. Use a meaningful name for the voucher code and set the value that you wish to deduct from the competitors registration if they apply this voucher (e.g. the cost of one class etc).

Adding a new voucher to your competition.

Once the new voucher code has been created you can distribute this for use when your competition registrations open.


  • There are no limits to the number of competitors who can use voucher.
  • Anyone who knows the voucher code can apply it to their registration.
  • Only one voucher can applied to a competitor registration.
  • If the voucher value is greater than the competitor registration cost, applying the voucher will simply drop the registration cost to $0. Vouchers will not deduct more than the total registration cost.
  • Once a voucher is marked Inactive it will no longer be able to be applied to a registration.

You can edit a voucher at anytime, however once a voucher has been used by one or more competitors your edit options are limited. Before a voucher has been used you can edit the Code, Amount to deduct and the Inactive state. Once the voucher has been applied to at least one registration you can only enter the vouchers Inactive state.

Editing a voucher that has been applied to at least one registration.

To stop the voucher from being used in your competition simply Edit the voucher, click the Inactive checkbox and save the voucher. This will ensure it is no longer available to be applied to future registrations but will maintain the full history of previous registrations.

You can only Delete a voucher from your competition if it has not been applied to any registrations. If you wish to stop it being used please mark the voucher Inactive as described above.

Competitor registration

Competitors are presented with the option to apply a voucher to their registration when they confirm their entry. They can simply enter their voucher code in the available field and click "Apply Voucher". The registration confirmation page will refresh and if this is a valid voucher their registration will update and reflect the addition of the voucher.

Competitor registration confirmation page showing voucher field.

Competitors can remove the voucher from their registration before confirmation by click on the (x) beside the voucher line item in their registration table.

Voucher applied to a competition registration.
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