Add online registration and programme management to any competition.

Simplify your workload

We know how much work goes into planning, running and managing your competition and we'd love to help you ease that load. From easy to use online competitor registration, through to one click creation of your competition programme and adjudicator score sheets, we've got the tools to make it simple and easy.

Let us handle the paperwork, you focus on the competitors!

Reclaim your time

Your time is valuable and your competition asks for a lot of it. We've been where you are, running and supporting competitions and learned first hand exactly how much is required of you to run a successful competition. So that's why we built Red Fridge Door - to reclaim our own time and help you reclaim yours.

So join us, simplify the management of your competition and reclaim your time!

Easy Management

Online Registrations

Simplify your registrations and make it easier for your competitors with our intelligent online registration.

Manage Classes

Registered competitors are automatically entered into their classes with their competitor order randomised.

Create Programmes

A single click is all that's required to create your draft programme and just one more to create your score sheets

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